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Duidaile is an organic community farm that was established to support local villages and create hope in rural West Nepal. We host homestays, retreats, and permaculture trainings on our farm, allowing guests to experience a typical Nepali lifestyle, while eating locally grown food.


Our services

All of the exciting opportunities you’ve been waiting for.



Stay up to 10 months and live life day to day. Enjoy the natural scenery around you, spending time cultivating and creating yourself while diving into your passions + desires.


Back to the village retreat

This retreat mostly targeted for Nepali youths, however we welcome non-nepali visitors as well. 7 days of immersion, exploration + harvesting at the farm.



This retreat is for visitors outside Nepal. A 15 day journey that unleashes your ultimate potential, and unlocks your inner power.


Agriculture Training

We are what we eat. We teach farming community about most sustainable methods of farming.


We support those around us.

We believe that giving back to our community is vital.
15% of Duidaile’s proceeds benefit these two local groups.


Chiluwa bal club

In 2016, Duidaile Farm helped unite all the children in our community and guided them to begin their very own children’s club for the village of Chiluwa. The committee is made up off 26 local children from the age 8 to 17 years old, They have a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

We mentor and support these children by helping them carry out community projects such as communal trash cleanups, and sanitation and hygiene educational workshops. We tutor them academically, and teach them about overall health, personal development and leadership.


Ama Samuha

The Ama Samuha is the women’s group of Chiluwa, which consists of around 20 women from the ages of 23-80. They are in charge of our village’s farming, charity and outreach. The women gather for sustainable agriculture trainings, fundraising events, village council meetings and ceremonial and ritual practices. They are experts in cultural singing and dancing.


Our Team

The heart and brains behind our community project.


sanjay kafle

CEO & Co-Founder of Duidaile, he is passionate about uplifting rural lives and is actively working to add to his mission through travel, blogging and community outreach.

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Elise leibowitz

Co-Founder, Outreach Director and Social Media Coordinator of Duidaile, Private Mindset and Leadership Coach, and Founder of Entrepreneurship Decoded.


Khimananda Kafle

On-ground director of Duidaile Farm, hecoordinates and organizes all of the farm activities.


Ghana Shyam Gurung

Country director of WWF Nepal, Senior Conservationist and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Govinda Sharma

Pioneer of organic agriculture in Nepal, Founder of Nepal Permaculture Group, CEO at HASERA Farm and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Dr. kc poudel

Secretary of the Water and Energy Commissions, Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE), and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Karna Sakya

A Nepalese Environmentalist, Conservationist, Hotel Entrepreneur, Writer, Philanthropist and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Subash Ghimire

Harvard University Alum, Editor in chief at Republica and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Shaurab Lohani

University of District of Columbia Alum, tourism entrepreneur, motivational speaker, social worker and Duidaile Farm Mentor.


Duidaile farm


Chiluwa village, ward no. 9,
Beulibas, VDC, Parbat District,


Nepali Number
+(977) 985—119-8750
American Number
+(1) 541-231-1011


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