Homestead On Our farm

Relax into your freedom.

Homesteading at Duidaile Farm includes:

-Travel instructions to our farm
-Family farm home accomodation
-Homemade farm meals 3x / day
-Access to hammocks and luscious trees
-Access to wifi
-Ability to play/hangout/garden/harvest in our fields and help Uncle in the farm and Aunty in the kitchen.
-Space to read and chill by our fish pond
-Travel instructions to nearby sightseeing destinations, which includes — waterfall, cave, grasslands, brooks, and Seti Beni (a spiritual, cultural and historical destination)
- Volunteer in government school/local community
-Endless stories and laughter, and adventures

$15 / day

We are thrilled to announce all that is in store for you, when you visit Duidaile Farm. If you choose to indulge in yourself and stay at our farm with us in Chiluwa, Nepal, we have the perfect mixture of peace and excitement waiting for you. Imagine this: when you wake up, after drinking tea, you take a five minute walk up our hill to our designated yoga spot, nestled in grass and overlooking a river that lies beyond the rice patties. After that, you pull out a book and get cozy and comfy in one of our farm hammocks. Stay and chill there as long as you like. When you have decided that you have gotten enough hammock lovin' for the time being, you can wander over up to our waterfall and shower and cleanse yourself. Now it is time to eat a delicious and local home-cooked breakfast that we will provide for you.

During the day you have a few options to choose from. You can help in our greenhouse, helping us care for our organic, vegetables and fruits. You can help us maintain and regulate our fish-filled pond. You can help us take care of and feed our buffalo. You can hangout in our recreation hall and play games with, observe or help teach English with our farm’s children club, the Chiluwa Bal Club. Or you can spend time with the local women’s group of Chiluwa, the Ama Samuha, learning from them and or giving them English lessons.

Take a break and steal away. Ten minutes away lies a wonderful peaceful and private river perfect for swimming, rock jumping or simply just lounging. Even better, how about rafting on the river? An hour away lies a river that is calling your name – perfect for rafting. We also have numerous water-filled and forested hikes and treks that will take you through small villages, and spit you out in beautiful destinations. End your day with another wonderful meal, and spend the rest of your time enjoying friends’ company, taking time alone, or simply enjoying the scenery around you.

We are excited to have you here. Duidaile Farm is awaiting you.