Connection. Community. Culture. Cultivation.

Self-development, adventures + laughter.

You came to the right place.



October 3rd - October 18th

15 days. 1 city. 2 villages.

An experience of a lifetime.


We see you. We hear you. We created an epic retreat designed with YOU in mind. Your expansion, stepping into + past your fears, connections that will last a lifetime, a colorful vibrant family atmosphere, new traditions and rituals galore, brilliant epiphanies in abundance, and loads of support and love.

Is this for you?

How do you know this isn’t your gig?

  • You are dedicate to staying inside of your comfort zone.

  • You dislike having deep conversations, or having your belief systems questioned.

  • You expect luxury and for everything to go perfectly as planned.

How do you know if you ARE qualified?

  • You are willing to say a wholehearted YES to new opportunities and depth-filled conversations.

  • You want to grow. You want to THRIVE. You want to LIVE.

  • You want to build a new tribe and thrive alongside others in community.

  • You love to explore new cultures and traditions in an immersive manor.

  • You are willing to get uncomfortable and challenge yourself.

  • You enjoy nature, moving your body, playing in the dirt and frolicking in the sun.

  • You love eating delicious organic, farm grown food.


The Details.

October 3rd-18th, 2019

During this time of year in Nepal it is still summer - sunny and delicious. We picked these dates to overlap with Nepal’s largest 2 week holiday, Dashain, which is full of food, family, friends, rituals, worship, colors and dancing. We can’t wait to grow with you while watching you experience our favorite holiday.

Duidaile Farm, Chiluwa Village, Nepal

We are so excited for you to live out the adventures and transformational experiences we have planned for you. You will be able to integrate your learnings in the simplicity, beauty, nature, warmth and welcoming embrace of our quaint village. The atmosphere and pace of Chiluwa make it easy to live in the moment, appreciate what is around you, and dive into all that is possible within you and around you.


15 day long retreat - $1600

*What is included in this price is mentioned in the FAQs below

Are you excited?
Are you ready?
Let’s do this.


Some of our guests’ experiences at Duidaile:


Are you ready?
Are you excited?
Let’s do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

image1 (10).JPG
  • Airport pick-up + drop-off

  • Lodging in homey and community-oriented accomodations

  • Farm-fresh homemade organic meals 3x a day

  • Women’s welcoming ceremony

  • Trek to Lungrang with overnight stay

  • Seti Beni hike with steamboat tour

  • White water rafting

  • Waterfall and historical sealed cave hike

  • Local Nepali school tour

  • Nepali language lessons

  • Nepali dance lessons

  • Exclusive community bonding experiences

  • Unique experience of Nepal’s most prominent holiday “Dashain”

  • Local river swims

  • Loads of dance parties + play time

  • Board game night

  • Hammock seshes galore

  • Access to our fields and fish-filled pond

What is not included?

  • Flights

  • Nepali visa

What kind of food should I expect?

The best food of your life. We eat loads of veggies and fruits, alongside rice and beans. We also eat local meat, as well as fresh buffalo milk and ghee (clarified butter).

What will the climate/weather be like during the retreat?

It is usually between 75-90° F, warm and sunny.

Is there wifi?

There will be wifi on Duidaile Farm, yes. However, our farm is the only location in the village that has wifi, and there are times when it has gotten cut off for a short period of time.

Are there any payment plans available?

You can pay a a down payment of $800 at any time, and pay the remaining $800 by July 1st of 2019.


I’m nervous to travel to Nepal alone, is there anything I should know?

Being nervous is normal. You totally got this. Elise, the retreat’s co-founder, first traveled alone to Nepal when she was 18 and was completely fine. In fact, she loved traveling alone. She decided to look at the whole journey as an adventure, and everything turned out great and was exciting, just the way she decided it would be. You will be with others and be taken care of from the time you are picked up at the airport til the time you are dropped off at the airport. You are in great hands. Trust the journey, your own discernment, and your own capabilities.

How do I mentally prepare?

Let go of your expectations. Understand you are showing up to learn, experience a new culture and community, and have a ton of fun. Let the rest unfold. Trust in what we have planned for you. Be flexible and patient (as a lot of things in Nepal tend to take more time than in the western world). It makes it more of an adventure.


Do I need to get vaccinations?

We recommend you see a doctor in your area, tell them about your trip to Nepal and ask them what they think would be best for you.

What airport will I fly into?

Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM), in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

What do I need to know about getting a Nepali visa?

You don’t need to get a Nepali visa before you enter the country. You are able to get a visa upon arrival, in the airport. You can read here about how to get a visa once you land.

Can I stay a shorter or longer amount of time at Duidaile?

If you want to come but aren’t able to stay the full 15 days, you are more than welcome to leave early. However, you will be responsible for getting back to Kathmandu, by yourself.

If you want to arrive before the retreat or stay after the retreat as a guest, please apply here.

What are the accommodations?

Our lifestyle at Duidaile Farm is minimalistic and natural. Expect to step outside of the world you’ve been living in and step into a very simple way of living. You will be living in communal rooms with new friends, and you will be using an outhouse.

When should I arrive in Kathmandu for airport pickup?


We have an airport pickup for you on our arrival day, October 3rd at both 12 pm and 6 pm. Please find a flight that lands around those times.

When should I depart Nepal?

FB_IMG_1528300387686 (1).jpg

We have an airport drop off for you on our departure day, October 18th, at 9 am and 5 pm. Please find a flight that departs around 11 am or 7 pm.

However, if you are interested in staying in Nepal past this date and want to explore other areas of Nepal, we would be happy to recommend our favorite places, lodging and activities to you.


What should I pack?

  • 2 journals

  • Comfortable culturally appropriate summer clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting stained or stretched (clothes in Nepal are hand-washed and sun-dried)

  • Warm jacket/sweater

  • Rain coat

  • Comfortable hiking/walking shoes

  • Swimsuit

  • 1 comfortable formal outfit

  • Towel

  • Day pack

  • Water bottle

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo + conditioner

  • Natural mosquito repellent

  • Passport

  • Extra cash for your Nepali visa payment in the airport + personal desires (it is easy to exchange your money into Nepali Rupees in the airport)

  • An international travel adapter/converter for your technology + plug ins

  • Your excitement, open-mindedness and enthusiasm

What should I leave behind?

Take everything you believe you “need to bring” outside of this list, and don’t bring most of it. The less stuff you have to lug around and keep track of while traveling, the better. Bring what is essential. Remember, we have lots of hammocks, art supplies, books and activities waiting for you.


Welcome to Nepal.

We are so excited for this adventure, this journey, this activation that you will be joining us for. We are so pumped for what we have created and are thrilled to connect with all of you in the natural beauty of Nepal. See you soon.


Are you excited?
Are you ready?
Let’s do this.