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Back to the village retreat

Experience what the land and culture has to offer.

Three sessions per year:
June 8-15
July 12-19
August 13-20

This retreat includes:
-Bus rides to and from village
-Family farm home accommodation
-Farm meals 3x day
-Women’s welcoming ceremony
-Playtime in our fields and a fish-filled pond
-Seti Beni hike with steamboat tour
-Waterfall and historical sealed cave hike
-Access to hammocks
-Access to internet

7 days / $800

This retreat is designed to provide you with an incredible and refreshing week-long experience, so you’re able to immerse yourself in and experience our farm, village life, and nature. Here you will be able to plant one tree and reap harvests from another. Sow a seed in one place and enjoy the delicious benefits from veggies and fruits planted by others — simple karma that we experience in everyday life will be practiced.

Many individuals from the younger generations have yet to experience in person where their food is grown and harvested from. This retreat aims to promote domestic/foreign eco-tourism taking young adults back to the villages their food has been grown in. We aim to promote travel and exploration away from cities, so people are able to have a more rustic and authentic Nepali cultural experience.